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The stage for Jazz in Almere

Danny van Kessel

Renowned for his rhythmic prowess and soulful melodies, Latin jazz pianist Danny van Kessel is a dynamic force in the world of music. Hailing from the Netherlands, Danny's passion for Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies led him to master his craft. With each performance, he conjures a sizzling fusion of cultures and genres, creating an electrifying musical experience. His virtuosity at the keys and improvisational flair make Danny van Kessel a sought-after artist.

Delbert Bernabela, the talented Aruban jazz saxophonist, infuses the rich culture of his Caribbean homeland into the world of jazz music. Hailing from the island of Aruba, his musical journey is a harmonious blend of island rhythms and soulful saxophone melodies. Delbert's performances will at times transport audiences to sun-drenched beaches, capturing the essence of the Caribbean. With a deep-rooted connection to his heritage and a mastery of jazz improvisation, he has carved a distinctive niche, bringing a tropical breeze to the realm of jazz music.

Delbert Bernabela

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