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Past Concerts


M.O.T. is a group where the format can be a trio or quintet representing the sounds of the Caribbean blended with Latin and modern Jazz flavours


Memories of Tomorrow (Quintet edition)

Band members: 

Abriel Ferreira - Trumpet

Delbert Bernabela - Tenor/Alto sax

Patrice Blanchard - Bas guitar

Evely Vera Gallardo - Piano

Lidrick Solognier - Drums


Almere Groovy Combo

If you're a Smooth Jazz Christmas fan and a Blues and Jazz lover in general, check out tickets for and don't miss out on a great concert.

Almere Groovy Combo is a contemporary band assembled by the founders of AJC. The band plays new arrangements of popular jazz pieces. 

Band members: 

Rick van der Heide - Trumpet

Ton Eusterbrock - Tenor/Bari sax 

Delbert Bernabela - Tenor/Alto sax

Patrick Winterdaal - Bas guitar

Obed Sanchez - Piano

Dimitrios Kosmidis - Drums

Sat July 31 2021 - Mid Summer Night

Sat July 31 2021 - Standard Time

In this of jazz genre the focus will be on Swing, bebop, and cool jazz.

Jazz music is a broad style of music characterized by complex harmony, syncopated rhythms, and a heavy emphasis on improvisation. ... The musical form evolved to embrace popular music standards, modal music, pop, rock, funk, and even true avant-garde compositions.

For this concert project the instrumentation is acoustic bass, acoustic piano, drumset and saxophone.


The band plays new arrangements of popular jazz standards

Band members: 

 Delbert Bernabela - Tenor

Boris Oostendorp - Contrabas

OEvelyn Vera Gallardo - Piano

Daan Arets - Drums

Sat June 19 2021 - Latin Jazz

Sat June 19 2021 - Evelyn Vera Gallardo Latin Band

A cocktail of latin jazz with compositions influenced from various countries of the South American continent.

After a long period of measures in which we were unable to receive guests, there is another Jazzcafé!!

Evelyn Vera Gallardo has often been a guest at the Jazzcafés of Almere Jazz Concerts as a pianist. On July 1, she will graduate from the Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam.

On June 19, she will give a full concert with her Combo at our Jazzcafé. She will transform this evening into a real Latin-Jazz night with her own combo and repertoire.



  • Evelyn Vera Gallardo - Piano

  • Patrice Blanchard - Bass

  • Garardo Rosales - Timbales

  • Laurianne Ghils - Percussion

  • Lidrick Solognier - Congas

  • Abriel Ferreira - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

  • Delbert Bernabela - Tenorsax/Flute

  • Maarten Combrink - Trombone

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