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About us

Ton Eusterbrock


Born and raised in the Netherlands. I started playing flute at age 10 and added baritone saxophone at age 18. My love for jazz started through playing the baritone saxophone in a big band. I currently play baritone with The Skyblasters bigband and tenor/flute in a Skajazz band Dr Bird & Co. Since I met Delbert I have discovered new ways of making music. Together we started Almere Jazz Concerts to create a unique stage in Almere to give jazz and jazz musicians a place to be!

Theo Liems 


Born and raised in Suriname , currently living in The Netherlands.

I got to know jazz music through my father, Freddy August Liems. As a great fan of this style of music, he has always played records by the most famous Jazz musicians at home.

I still have a very warm heart for Jazz music and I hope one day to be able to play this style of music myself as an amateur guitarist.

Delbert Bernabela

Artistic Director

Aruban saxophonist/producer/educator, and composer, Delbert Bernabela, ( currently living in the Netherlands, from where he extensively works and tours in Europe and also the Caribbean, US and South America. He fronts several ensembles which has led him to establish himself in several music styles of jazz, funk and hip-hop.

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